Artists's Statement

My studio is filled with dozens of cigar boxes stuffed with tiny artifacts just waiting for their chance to become art. I collect small, often broken relics that speak to me. Some of these items are very personal, such as the pencils that my grandfather chewed on as he calculated farm needs at the kitchen table. Most of the items would be considered trash, but my mind sees them as having a useful purpose. Combining these items together in a vignette, I give them a new life, a new beauty. Not the perfect beauty they had in their original intended purpose, but an evolved, world-worn agelessness in their repurposed life. These assemblages spark my imagination to start thinking about how they could translate into painted images.

For the watercolor works, I pull elements from the assemblages and rearrange them into fresh and engaging situations. They form different narratives in the watercolor paintings, transforming beyond their original framework into unexpected new surroundings. Juxtaposition of the pieces, and color selection create the specific mood I want to portray in each painting. Certain themes that I like to explore are, Light versus Dark, Dangerous against Vulnerable, Brokenness to Empowerment, and Strength versus Weakness.

Cut paper is another tactile element that I find fascinating to work with. The Chrysanthemum-like designs in the cut paper come naturally to my senses. I like the marquise shapes and how they link together in many unusual ways to make delicate patterns of positive and negative space. The cut paper pieces translate well into the watercolor works, giving them an interesting and thoughtful design element that I can use in many different situations. These collages have amazing design potential, limited only by what assortment of ephemera I have on hand.